Playing American Roulette Online

American Roulette Online

American Roulette online is one of the most popular gambling games in 2021. And it's no wonder: it's fast, furious and is offered at every South African casino online worth playing at.

This classic form of the game has been around for a couple of hundred years, but the single-zero game has barely changed. In 2021, the game you find online is the same as the one you'll find in land-based casinos across America and the world.

Web players in South Africa can play online American Roulette at dozens of top sites, and the gameplay is easy. The hardest job you will have is deciding which great website to play at that offers real money American Roulette games.

At, we find the best American online roulette games available. To meet our criteria sites have to provide certain features:

  • Many top-rated games and variations available
  • Providing safe, secure gambling on the net
  • Offering the best real-cash bonuses on signing up
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A Brief History of American Roulette Online

The classic form of the game arrived in the United States in the 19th century, and there it underwent several transformations before becoming the game we know today.

Playing the game is easy: there are 38 slots on an American Roulette online wheel. Players place real money Rand bets on single numbers or blocks of numbers (Red/Black, Odd/Even, columns of 12, etc). Just drag your chips over to the areas of the table you want to bet on and click the 'Spin' button. The computer will pay out winning bets as soon as the wheel has stopped spinning.

Payouts differ depending on where you bet, so the 'outside bets' like Red/Black and Odd/Even pay 1/1, or Evens, single numbers pay 35/1, and columns pay 2/1.

Why American Roulette Online Rocks

  • It's Fast and Furious

Betting on single numbers is fun, and with an extra green 00 slot to bet on, online American Roulette is even more fun. Online roulette bets can be made more quickly and games happen much faster than in a live South Africa casino.

  • It's Widely Offered On the Net

You won't be hunting around for a site offering American Roulette online: every top casino will offer the variant in many guises.

  • Low Stakes Are Available

Of all the good online American Roulette tips to learn, sensible bankroll management is one of the best. Start small, bet only a fraction of your total bankroll, and have a long-term American online roulette strategy in place. Luckily, all good casino sites in South Africa offer games starting at just a few cents.

  • You Can Earn Top Bonuses Quick

SA online casinos offer welcome bonuses to entice new customers in, and as long as you play enough qualifying games during your first month you can earn lots of free cash. American online roulette is almost always accepted towards your welcome bonus requirement, so load up your account and get spinning.

American Roulette Considerations

  • Beware the House Edge

Start off learning about the edge the casino has over you. With the extra 00 slot, the disadvantage to South African online roulette players is increased.

  • Play The Outside Bets

With the higher house edge, it's a good American Roulette strategy to stick to the even-money outside bets for long-term profits.

  • Try Out Some New Variations

While single-table real money ZAR American Roulette games are fun, Internet casinos give you the chance to try out new variations. Why not try out American online roulette played across multiple tables or even multiple wheels to increase your chances of winning?

  • Find Trusted Sites

If you're playing real money American Roulette games on the web, you need to make sure the casino is reputable. Check the homepage for an eCOGRA logo, which means the site is properly licensed and audited.

American Roulette Tips

The major difference with the American Roulette table compared to the European version of the game is the addition of a second zero slot (00).

European Roulette has just the single green-coloured zero slot, and it's this that keeps the house edge (the difference between the true odds and the actual payout odds) down to 2.7 percent. With the extra 00 slot the house edge rises to 5.26 percent.

So, how can you overcome an unfavourable house edge like this? Well, the simple answer is: don't play American Roulette online. Rather, stick to European or French versions where the house edge isn't so damaging to your bankroll.

If you like the added excitement of an extra 35/1 slot to aim for, however, keep playing American. But for long-term profits, it pays to keep to the outside bets that pay Even Money. It's not exciting, and the thrill isn't quite the same, but for long-term, steady profits, playing the Outside bets in real money on American Roulette games is the smart move.

Play Top Real Money American Roulette Games

While you can learn all the American Roulette strategy in the world, perhaps the best tip to learn is reading our top reviews. We will find you South African online roulette sites with top software from world-leading developers, unrivalled security on your banking transactions, and respected auditing to ensure a fair game.

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