Top Roulette Systems

Roulette Systems

To most South Africans, roulette is just a luck game with no skill element at all. And while they may be right, with any game there is always a system that can be tried.

Online roulette is no different. For every game there is a betting system you can try at the real-cash tables. While we can't guarantee you'll win in the short-term, they can be fun to try out with small stakes or at the play-money games.

Let's have a look at some of the popular gambling systems you will find in 2021. If you're interested in trying one, sign up with a top site today and earn some free bonus cash quick.

If you ate looking to try out a system with real cash today, there are various tactics you can adopt:

  • Mix up your online roulette gameplay
  • Practise good bankroll management
  • Test out new roulette online variants
  • Work through a welcome bonus fast

Roulette Systems To Try

The Martingale System

Probably the most popular roulette system, the Martingale requires you to double your stake if you lose. You keep doubling your stake while betting on the outside bets until you win, then you revert back to your original stake.

While the Martingale potentially can reward you in the long-term, it can also lead to some crippling losses. Everyone goes on downswings, and the Martingale doesn't cater for big downturns.

D'Alembert System

Another system that centres on the even-money, outside bets is the D'Alembert. It's similar to the Martingale but doesn't stipulate doubling bets in the event of a loss. Instead, you just have certain grades of bets that you progress up through if you keep losing. Once you win, you drop down a 'bet level'.

Covering the Greens

One for casinos online that offer American Roulette, 'Covering the Greens' basically requires you to place real-cash wagers on the 0 and 00 slots only at the same time.

This can be good if you bet on a safe outside bet like Red/Black or Odd/Even then cover it with the 0 and 00 that will only pay out if you actually cover them. Keep in mind the poorer house edge in American Roulette (2.7 percent) when you make wagers, though.

Base Two System

Adapted from regular betting systems, and usually associated with even-money bets only, in the Base Two you have to stick to a minimum and a maximum bet amount.

With the Base Two, when you lose you keep betting at your minimum, but when you win you MOVE UP to the maximum bet amount. Think of it like a reverse form of the Martingale.

Andrucci System

Similar to a system used by Lotto players to predict the next numbers, the Andrucci System tries to find patterns in the numbers that have already appeared.

All online casinos will display the past 10-20 numbers on-screen (as land-based casinos do) so gamblers can use them to base their next bets. For instance, if a roulette wheel has come up 10 black numbers in a row, conventional wisdom says that Red will be the next colour appearing.

The Andrucci system asks you to pick a number and bet on it for at least 15 straight bets. As long as your number comes up within your first 36 or 37 bets, you'll be in profit. As with most systems, though, the Andrucci will lose in the long term, and no, there are no sure-fire systems in online roulette.

4 Reasons To Try Systems Online

  • Good Gambling Sites Have Free-Play Games

It's hard to test out systems in a land-based casino in SA, but most online casinos will let you play online roulette for free before you've even made a real-money deposit. Try out a system totally risk-free.

  • You Can Win In the Short-Term

OK, systems might not make you rich in the long-term (and you can certainly go broke) but in the short-term you can make some nice wins. Just know when to stop.

  • It Teaches Bankroll Management

Systems all require sensible management of your cash, and if you're not good with handling your rolls, a system might help.

  • It's Good For Learning New Variations

In Internet roulette, you can enjoy many strange variants unique to online gambling. Some variants lend themselves better to systems than others.

Try Out Systems at Top South Africa Sites

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The best casinos have both European and American roulette online, as well as great Internet variants like Multi-Wheel and Live Dealer, where you can play against a human croupier.

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