Using Strategy for Online Roulette

Using Strategy to play Online Roulette

Some gamblers will argue there is no strategy to win at online roulette other than not playing the game at all.

Well, that wouldn't be much fun, would it?

Roulette on the web is one of the most exciting betting games in 2021, but without a simple winning roulette strategy you will soon end up broke. With our good guide you will be playing like a South African pro in no time.

Once you've read our top tips to win at online roulette, why not sign up for a real-money account at one of our recommended SA casinos and earn yourself some free Rand?

Improve your game immediately with’s checklist for a winning online roulette strategy:

  • Always manage your bankroll
  • Try out systems at low stakes to save your cash
  • Earn top sign up bonuses and get more ZAR to play with

An Online Cheat Sheet

In a South African land-based casino, you won't have access to a list of payouts and odds for every roulette bet. However, when you're playing on your PC in Johannesburg or Durban you can have every resource available right there.

It's worth printing out a 'cheat sheet' and keeping it by your computer, or have a website open that lists the payouts while you play. Cheat sheets are easy to come by and will usually display the typical American and European Roulette table layouts and a list of possible bets, plus the odds and payouts for each one.

So, print one out and memorise it: your Internet winning roulette strategy just became a whole lot smoother!

Top Tips To Win

  • Learn the Table Layout and Bets

It sounds simple, but if you're not used to roulette, knowing where to place bets can be confusing. Make sure you know where you're dumping chips first. Brush up on your online roulette bets and read the list of payouts and odds on the cheat sheet.

  • Learn Roulette Odds Strategy

If you bet on just inside numbers, you're going to go broke fast, but it doesn't mean you should just stick to the safe, even-money outside bets.

Mix things up a little by wagering more cash on Red or Black with a few low-stakes bets on several single numbers. Check the cheat sheet for odds and work out the best winning online roulette strategy for your style of play.

  • Choose the Best Online Casinos

A top winning roulette strategy doesn't even involve playing. Picking the right Internet casino is the first step to roulette riches.

There are literally dozens and dozens of online casinos for South Africans, but not all are created equal. In fact, some are downright lousy. Their software sucks, their range of games is small, and they may not be properly licensed. Plus, they may not let you make cash deposits in Rand.

Want to know how to play better online roulette? By choosing a top rated SA gambling website from our recommendations, you can find reliable software with up-to-date security for safe transactions. Plus, they will have audited Random Number Generators for a totally legit gambling experience.

  • Up Your Roulette Volume

If you're playing sensible odds strategy, there's nothing to stop you playing more than one game at once - that's the beauty of finding a winning strategy for online roulette. Try a casino with multi-table games or multi-wheel roulette: these games let you place multiple bets on a single spin. That can mean more real cash winnings in a shorter space of time.

  • Make Your Bonuses Work

Learning how to play better online roulette is just the start. To make serious cash, one of the best online roulette tips is to access a healthy welcome bonus. Deposit bonuses can go up to thousands of Rand, and you can often earn 100 or 150 percent of your first deposit back - absolutely free.

Just use our reviews and ratings to find yourself a good South Africa casino online, then download the client and start to play through your bonus requirement. You will usually have a month in order to clear your wagering requirement, and for serious players in ZA it's a good way of ensuring some free cash. Getting a good bonus is one of the best online roulette tips out there.

Try a System For Free

Most roulette systems have been debunked, at least in the long-term. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try one out to help you win at online roulette.

The most well-known winning roulette strategy is the Martingale system. Players double their bets after every losing spin until you win and revert back to your normal bet amount. In the long-term it could prove profitable but you'll have to ride some pretty big downswings to get there. Requiring a lot of ZAR upfront, there's no doubt the Martingale is not a system for the faint-hearted.

We have a dedicated page for some of the most popular South Africa roulette systems online, so why not test one out at the play-money tables today.

Play Better

We're not advocating that the best winning online roulette strategy for SA gamers is not to play - far from it - so use your new-found knowledge and start playing today.

Our team of local experts has scoured the net for the best sites for South African roulette fans in 2021. With our links you will find top casinos online with great software and bonuses, plus a range of exciting Internet variants you won't get anywhere else.

Download a client today and start earning some big Rand payouts right away.