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The different Roulette Games

For decades, playing top single zero roulette meant travelling miles to your nearest casino. In 2021, however, fans of online roulette games in South Africa can get their fix of any variation they want right on the net, and for any stake they desire.

The only big problem with Internet gaming sites in 2021 is that there is way too much choice for SA gamers. But don't worry, with more choice there is more fun to be had and more chance of winning big prizes.

With our expert guides at we find the best games on the web. All you need to worry about is which site to sign up with first.

Here’s what you can expect to enjoy when playing the top rated online roulette casino games in 2021:

  • A great range of single zero and double zero roulette games
  • Great online variations you won't find in a live casino
  • Earn top South African Rand welcome bonuses as you start
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Setting Up for Online Roulette

Online roulette games are playable either via a downloadable casino client or via instant-play on your browser throgh Flash or HTML5.

Setting up is easy: register for a recommended site offering single zero roulette or double zero roulette, deposit money in ZAR or play for free, and click on any number of games.

Placing cash bets is simple too: just drag the chips you want to the areas of the table you’d like to bet on, then once you're ready click the 'Spin' button. Winning bets will be credited to your bankroll immediately.

With the exciting Live Dealer games, where you play online casino roulette against a human croupier, you can even chat to them in real time and ask for advice. It's a slice of land-based gambling from the comfort of your own home.

Why Do Online Roulette Games Rock?

Whichever game you choose, you can test out many games for free before depositing cash. From single zero roulette to double zero and beyond, every good variation is available for free-play.

  • Lots of Different Variations

On the net, South Africa players aren't restricted to just European or American Roulette. The beauty of SA gaming is that you can play exciting variants like Multi-Ball, Multi-Table or Live Dealer.

  • Better Bonuses On the Net

While a South African land-based casino may give you a few drinks and meals, Internet casinos offering online roulette games can boast lots of regular promo offers and healthy welcome bonuses.

  • A Huge Range of Betting Stakes

Online roulette games will often feature much lower minimum stakes than you will find at a live gaming complex. So, whether you're on the micro-stakes or trying one of the systems for playing online roulette, you will find friendly stakes everywhere.

Things To Consider

  • It's Not the Same Atmosphere As Brick N' Mortar Casinos

Can web casino action ever capture the same thrill as visiting a live South African casino? Probably not, unless you're winning thousands at the tables. But the comfort of playing in your front room and not worrying about a dress code outweighs any problems.

  • You May Have to Play Casino Online Roulette in USD or GBP

Not all real money rooms accept ZAR deposits. You may find you have to convert your South Africa Rand to USD or Euros first. Always make sure you're getting a good deal before you deposit.

  • Sort Out Your Bankroll First

Wherever you play, and whatever game you choose, always ensure you have funds you can afford to lose. Plus, exercise a little bankroll management when you play. That means setting aside a percentage of your bankroll on each spin. It's good practice overall.

  • Choose Your Games Wisely

With so much choice on the net, you need to know which online casino roulette games are best for your overall profit. European, double zero roulette online casino games, for example, offer the player a lower house edge than its American cousin.

Systems for Playing Roulette

Whichever variation of roulette you opt for, it's good to try out a system or two.

Systems for playing roulette have been around for centuries, and although many of them have been debunked, they can be fun if testing with play money.

Start off with the famous Martingale system. The system works by requiring you to double your stake every time you lose. You keep doubling your bet until you win (recouping any losses) then reverting back to your original bet.

The Martingale is an interesting system, except for one big problem: it needs huge ZAR bankrolls to make it work long-term. On top of that, casinos won't let you go on a losing streak for so long before stopping your play.

Choose the Best Online Roulette Option

Whether it's double zero roulette, free-to-play Multi-Ball, or the best streamed Live Dealer online roulette games, you will find great gambling rooms for SA players here.

Have a read of our great site reviews today and choose one that works for you. We guarantee that our picks will see hard-playing South Africans reap the benefits of real cash casino online gaming.